Municipal utilities

Risk Management, tailor made for municipal services

Systems Engineering

Risk Management for constructors and operators of complex technology

Reliable Infrastructure

Daily reliable operation of critical infrastructure by risk management of NablaZero

Reliable energy supply

NablaZero's Risk Management is at hands, when it comes to reliable energy supply

Risk Management for Engineering and Business

The benefit of hindsight is a wonderful tool!

You know the critical success factors of your business. You know your sources of revenue and how to ensure the long-term growth of your enterprise. You have to protect these success factors and core processes! Protect them against risks, originating somewhere external to your company or even against those, that arise within your business.

NablaZero is your partner when it comes to Risk Management. On the technical level, as well as in the field of business management. We are specialists with many years of experience in technology companies and with operators of critical infrastructure.

Risk Management is our daily business!


Risk Coaching - ISO 9001

Risk management as a new challenge? The new ISO 9001:2015 adds risk management as a further pillar to quality management. With NablaZero's Risk Coaching, you put your risk management activities on a firm foundation. The first short-term results proof that the effort is worthwhile.


Risk Management for Products

Avoid liability and recourse claims caused by defective products! Make sure you know the dangers and risks posed by the products that you place on the market. NablaZero helps to uncover, reduce and control such dangers and risks by application of sound risk management methodologies.


Project Risk Management

Do not let projects get out of hand. Hidden risks can lead to delays and cost overruns. This could end in complete project failures! NablaZero supports you and your team during your entire projects, to identify risks and take appropriate protective measures. For your project success!


Technical Risk Management

Do you design or operate complex technical systems or equipment? Are you responsible for the proper operation of critical infrastructure? Avoid costly failures! Trust in NablaZero's many years of risk control experience in the field of critical infrastructure to protect your facilities.


Medical Systems

Health and lives of patients depend on the proper functioning of medical equipment. As manufacturer, you are obliged to operate a suitable risk management system. NablaZero, as a certified Risk Manager, is your partner in establishing a risk management system based on ISO EN 14971.


Risk Management Systems

ISO 31.000 and the technical standard ONR 49.000 are well recognized tools for implementing a comprehensive risk management systems in businesses. As an expert in risk management NablaZero accompanies you in the practical implementation of such an enterprise risk management system.