Automotive Safety

Automotive Safety
Safe automotive electronics in accordance with ISO 26262

Control Technology

Safe industrial control devices by EN ISO 13849

Safe and reliable electronics

Electronic control equipment for safety applications by EN 62061

Agricultural Engineering

EN 16950 and ISO 25119 are on duty for safe agricultural control devices

Functional Safety & Safety Management

Modern electronic, mechatronic and programmable systems integrate an ever-increasing number of functions while the individual components are becoming ever smaller. Particularly in safety-related systems, this increasing complexity is a critical factor.

NablaZero supports all your functional safety activities. We are specialized in the safety standards ISO 61508, EN 62061, EN 13849, EN 16590, ISO 25119, and IEC 61511. We are a certified Safety Specialist for Automotive Safety Standard ISO 26262.


Safety Coaching

NablaZero supports you in the practical implementation and application of current safety standards. We assist you in taking the right step into Safety World and accompany all your safety activities as a Safety Coach. On the way to a safe product you retain full project control.


Safety Check

We conduct safety checks of your products and systems to uncover possible risks for safety or flaws in your safety concept. This in-depth feedback helps to put appropriate measures in timely order to develop safe products from the outset. This avoids expensive follow-up costs.


Safety Projects

Integrated into your team, we support your engineers and project managers as certified Safety Specialist. We ensure that safety activities are planned, performed, tested and documented according to the relevant safety standards. We specialize in electronics and automation projects.


Safety Concepts

A safety concept projects all measures, that are required to develop a safe product. NablaZero assists you in planning and calculating such a concept. This is done in accordance with the relevant safety standards. We also aim at feasibility and cost-effectiveness of projected measures.


Safety Records

Each industrial sector has its own requirements for safety documentation. NablaZero helps to build an efficient, modular and traceable documentation system. Once generated, validated information can be re-used flexibly for future projects again. This speeds up future safety processes.


Safety Management System

A Safety Management System is useful if you regularly perform safety-related projects or develop safety related products. NablaZero helps to build a customized Safety Management System, which exactly fits your needs. The integration into your quality management system is a matter of course.