is a service company dedicated to the electronics and mechantronics industry. We use structured and well proven methods to analyze products, processes and organizations for any kind of risks. Mathematical tools as probability calculations, feeback loops and time-variant systems are the basis of our work in the field of safety- and risk management. The company's name NablaZero implies that risks are minimized and safety is maximized. This is the point where Nabla equals Zero. Smallest exposition to risk and safety at it's max!

... safety incorporated!

The work of NablaZero impacts our daily environment. It travels on our roads as part of the control systems in cars, can be found machinery and process plants as well as in agricultural appliances. Our work ensures safe machinery and reliable infrastructures.

Karl Seewald

Karl Seewald

Is founder, CEO and front-man of NablaZero. He has a proven track record in the field of air traffic control, automotive, critical infrastructure of banking systems and within the food processing industry. He has a strong background in the electronics industry and holds a master degree of environmental and industry economics.

His special interests include the modelling of risks and probabilities of complex systems.